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Advanced Mine (Gold)
A waterwheel provides the motive power to haul ore carts out of this gold mine.
Lot size: 1 lot(s)
Labor Factor: 0.4
Effective Labor per Day per lot: 60 Hours
Construction time: 1 hour(s)
Produced by: Draft Advanced Gold Mine Plans
Requirements: Must be a Freetrader
Must be level 30
Reputation with port owner at least Indifferent
Port must have Gold Deposits
Port must have River
Construction Cost: 4000 Doubloon(s)
Construction Materials: Blocks, Lignum Vitae: 2
Granite: 5
Ingot, Brass: 2
Ingot, Iron: 2
Logs, Common Wood: 15
Logs, Oak: 5
Logs, Teak: 4
Upkeep Costs (for one week): 1000 Doubloon(s)
Effective Cost Per Lot: 1000 Doubloon(s)
Provides recipes: Mine Gold
Uses recipes: Advanced Gold Mining
Mine Gold
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Reduces the labor required by recipes to 40% of the original.