Mission Mission Avcom Swashbuckling Mission
This mission involves Swashbuckling or simple interaction with NPCs.
A Private Investigation
Nation: Britain-Crest France-Crest Spain-Crest Pirate-Crest
Career: All
Location: Britain-Crest Jenny Bay
France-Crest Charlesfort
Spain-Crest Vera Cruz
Pirate-Crest Marsh Harbour
Level: This is a level 3 mission. 3 This is a level 3 mission.
NPC: Britain-Crest Lon Kerner
France-Crest Victor Ariot
Spain-Crest Alvaro Cocon
Pirate-Crest Pauel Ithier
Rewards: Dubloons icon 710 Doubloons
110 Experience
Heavy Round Shot: 150
Previous: To Protect and To Serve
Next: Breaking and Entering
Information based on version Current game version is

The magistrate wants to take action against the local crime lord. He figures that the bartender might have an idea of how to start an investigation and asks you to deliver a letter to him.

Mission Notes

Simply to go the tavern and talk to the bartender, where you will get the follow-up mission.

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